Thursday, September 5, 2013

Reed Family Fund Established

Sudie and Robert Reed are no strangers to the Walker Area Community Foundation.  As donors, they have been constant supporters of the Foundation and its mission for more than a decade.  Sudie is one of the Foundation’s original President’s Cabinet members and was instrumental in the programming stages when the foundation began.  In December 2012, the  entire Reed family, established our newest Donor Advised Fund.  The Reed Family Fund will support general philanthropy while keeping in mind the importance of serving the basic needs of Walker County families.

We asked the Reed’s a few questions on why the Walker Area Community Foundation and why now.  We think you’ll appreciate their responses.

WACF:  Why did you start the Reed Family Fund?

Reeds:  Walker County has been our home for over 40 years. Through hard work and a lot of help from the good folks in this area we have realized many successes.    What better way to say thank you to our friends and neighbors, former employees and business partners, than by setting aside money that will hopefully benefit the entire community for many years to come.

 WACF:  The Foundation, of course, is thrilled you entrusted us with your fund.  We’re curious, why did you choose a donor advised fund with the Community Foundation over beginning a private family foundation?

Reeds:  We did consider a private foundation but, in today’s world, red tape, regulations and requirements are so overwhelming, we were concerned that would take the “joy” out of our giving.  Our community is so fortunate to have this foundation in place so setting up an advised fund was the better choice for our family.  We believe the Board of Directors will thoughtfully and successfully manage the money and we have the highest confidence in the awesome staff that you will help us to see the real needs in our area, to find opportunities for betterment, and to be in touch with the “great ideas” that are out there that perhaps just need a boost to get off the ground. 

 Upon voting to accept the fund, John T. Oliver, Jr. founding board member and Past President of the Foundation responded, “the Bob Reed family is well known in this community for their involvement in and contributions to many charitable institutions and organizations.  Their recent gift to the Walker Area Community Foundation is truly amazing and certainly establishes their family as pioneers in philanthropy in our area, as well as statewide.  I am certain that this wonderful support will inspire others to think in a positive way about giving back to their community.  Gifts like this make me proud to live here.”

We look forward working with the Reed Family and are so appreciative they chose us as their partners in doing good for our community.

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