Tuesday, October 27, 2009

EXTREME MAKEOVER: Home Edition - Walker County - Nominate Today

This just in from the Mayor's Office (thank you Laura)


Do you know someone whose home deserves an Extreme Makeover? If so, the producers of ABC’s Extreme Makeover: Home Edition want to hear from you! Ty Pennington and his crew have been all across the map and they are ready to drive that famous bus into your neighborhood.

What does it take to be picked for an Extreme Makeover?
We are in search of deserving families and deserving people -people who have amazing strength of character and who put their own needs aside to help others. Whether it’s a mom, a soldier, a teacher, or a fireman, we think a deserving family, are families who inspire those around them. In addition, the producers are looking for families whose houses need major alterations or repair-homes that present serious problems for the family and affect the family's quality of life.

To be eligible: A family must own their own single family home and be able to show producers how a makeover will make a huge difference in their lives.
Interested families or those who wish to nominate another family should:
e-mail a short description of their family story to –

Nominations/submissions must include:
1 The names and ages of each member of the household
2 A description of the major challenges within the home.
3 Explanation of why this family is deserving, or a positive role model in
their community.
4 Photos of the family and a photo of the home
5 Don’t forget to include a contact phone number.

Please send story submissions as soon as possible!
For more information on how to apply please visit our website at:

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