Monday, April 27, 2009

United Way of Central Alabama ISO Volunteers for their Walker County "Visiting Allocation Team"

Thank you to those who have logged on to and registered to serve as Visiting Allocation Team (VAT) volunteers for our 2009 Allocations Process. To date, we have recruited 125 of the 600 volunteers needed before our August 19th deadline. Please continue to help us reach our recruitment goal by encouraging potential volunteers to visit our website and/or circulating the attached recruitment flyer. We appreciate your help!

Note: If you experience any technical difficulties with the website, please email your issue to or simply complete and return the attached form.

Sonya King
Vice President, Agency Impact

United Way of Central Alabama, Inc.
P.O. Box 320189
Birmingham, AL 35232-0189
Phone: 205.458.2063
Fax: 205.458.2013

editor's note - This is a great way to learn what the United Way is doing in our community. It is also a good way to refine your own grant writing skills from the "other side of the table". PWK

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