Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Alabama Scenic River Trail

This year is the official launch of the Alabama Scenic River Trail
and the big event will be on June 6th with a flotilla of boats in
Montgomery with press, etc.

The greatest need, beyond joiners on one of the Paddle Alabama trips,
is your presence on the Alabama River on Friday, June 6th, passing by
the Riverwalk facility in downtown Montgomery after 11 am. This is THE
event of Fred Couch's involvement and creation - since July 2006 - of
the Alabama Scenic River Trail becoming not only an Official Trail,
but also the recognition to the world of the beautiful Alabama

The idea is that at least 100 boaters will pass by - it's not
something that one should think....well, they won't miss me, someone
else will will be missed; it is the culmination of all that
about 45 people over the entire state have worked's the event
for Alabama that no paddler friend should miss. Picture in your
mind - and pass this on - a flotilla of all the paddlers you have
met, known and enjoyed these many years together en mass before
television camera's and media photographers that day on the river -
it's THAT PICTURE that will capture the imagination of young people
and families to realize how enjoyable and relaxing our sport truly is.

Fred has been a whitewater canoeist and kayaker for 40 years, safety
beginner instructor for 25, and sea kayaker for 15 years. We all
know it's so pleasant to be in that boat and feel the freedom of
floating along in the great outdoors, for a few hours, a day, or even
several week trips. If we can impart that pleasure and safety
orientation that we have to just a few folks, it's been worthwhile.

For those who want to add to enjoyment ... online you can
prepay for a barbeque meal they will have at Cooter Pond
that evening just down river of Riverwalk - also, it's the take out at

And, for a real hoot ... go the night of the 5th to Harry's Lounge
and campground in Millbrook, 5 miles up stream of Riverwalk, stay the
night and check this out inside Harry's ... the bar is in Elmore
County and the bathroom is in Montgomery County!

Fred, understandably, is very nervous about a big flotilla not being
big. Please pass this on to anyone who might be interested in
joining in. Take the day off, call in sick, or generally just be on
the river!!

For further info:

Fred Couch can be reached at if ya'll need
anything else.

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