Thursday, March 20, 2008

What is the WACF?

What defines the Walker Area Community Foundation in Jasper Alabama?

Inspiring greatness, compassion, charity and community throughout the Walker County Area.

The mission of the Walker Area Community Foundation is to grow and preserve charitable gifts, using the earnings to educate, inspire and advance the community for the greatest common good.

Nurturing a sense of community
Teamwork and collaboration
Facilitating dialogue
Gathering people
Advocating for action and change
Setting the example
Inspiring greatness
Promoting Family, Neighborhood, Community, County, Area, State
Charity at Home
Good stewardship
Encouraging / Empowering
Human, financial, and technical investment from all segments of the community

Programs: To create sustainable projects where the citizens experience a high quality of life, where the youth are prepared for the future, and our seniors are respected, loved and secure.

Establish all forms of giving:
Planned Giving
Goods and Services

Receiving: Secure funds from Federal, State, and Private sources to match, leverage and compound investments from the foundation
Giving: Provide seed funding for the initiation of new and innovative projects, while responding to missing services to make our community healthy, whole, and vibrant.

Collaboration: Foster relationships with local, regional and state associations to build technical, human and financial assistance teams to be catalysts for initiating change and sustaining growth leading to community ownership.

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